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Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Gloria Lopez and the creator of Revolution in Bloom. For starters, I never expected to create a brand that represents a vegan lifestyle. I definitely wasn’t thinking about it 5 years ago when I decided to embark on this plant-based/vegan journey. I initially just wanted to get healthy and stay healthy.

At just 26yrs of age, I was already at risk for diabetes and according to my cholesterol levels I was going to be facing some serious problems in my 30’s & 40’s if I didn’t make a change. So, I researched my butt off! I was just finishing graduate school when I discovered a plant-based lifestyle and its health benefits for preventing disease and also reversing it. For me, it seemed like a lightbulb went off and I knew I wanted to try going plant-based. This dietary lifestyle definitely changed the way I saw food and made a positive impact on my health. My biomarkers were finally showing healthy levels at my doctor’s appointments after just a year of eating plant-based.

However, even though I initially went plant-based for health reasons, I stayed vegan for ethical ones too. My health continues to be very important to me, but the connections I’ve made between the lives previously on my plate and their suffering has become glaringly obvious in recent years. Through a plant-based diet, I have become more aware of how my dietary and consumer choices impacts not just my own heath, but the animals and the planet. In a way, thinking beyond myself has become my biggest motivator for remaining vegan.

Now I use this brand, that I never imagined I’d create, to continue spreading awareness and information about a vegan lifestyle. My hope is that my blog and Youtube channel help make going vegan easier and more attainable. I hope that in visiting my page and channel you are able to gain helpful information and tasty recipes that help you along your own plant-based/vegan journey. With more and more people trying and going vegan, it’s a revolution that I hope my efforts continue to help bloom and thrive.

Thank you for visiting my page! Peace&Love