My Favorite Vegan Meats

Animal meats were not exactly my guilty pleasure before going vegan. I was more of a cheese fan. However, I can’t lie and say I didn’t miss bacon, or fried chicken, or burgers when I began to transition into a plant-based lifestyle. Luckily, there are so many vegan meats out in the market today that FOMO won’t be a problem for you. There’s vegan bacon, vegan chicken, and vegan burgers. All of them tasty and full of meaty texture. Here are some of my favorite vegan meats…

1. Gardein Vegan Meats

2. Yves Meatless Ham

3. Field Roast Grain Meats- Smoked Apple Sage Sausages

4. Light Life Smart Bacon

5. 365 Hot Dogs

Now, unfortunately a lot of the vegan meat products out today are not gluten free. Some may also contain nuts or seeds, so always check the ingredients list if you need to avoid these allergens. Most vegan meats are made using vital wheat gluten, which is what gives vegan meats their meaty texture. Some also include tofu, soy, pea protein, potatoes, and other veggies. It’s about finding the brands that fit your taste buds as well as your dietary needs.

Additionally, I mostly purchase my vegan meats at my local Whole Foods Market, but local grocery stores around the country are starting to catch on to the plant-based movement and offer some of these products. If they don’t, you can always request that your store stocks them. Remember, supply and demand. If that takes too long, there are some websites where you can order some of these tasty meats if you can’t find them locally. Like…

So, if you’re new to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle and crave your fave meats or you’re afraid to transition for fear of missing out, get out there and check these meats out! Also, if you’re a veteran like me and have some other favorites of your own I didn’t mention on this blog, then please SHARE down below! I always love to discover new products 😀

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